Platform Thickness: How Much is Too Much?

FendiDespite single soled shoes being quite in right now, I will forever love myself a good platform shoe. Not necessarily for the aesthetics of it, but for the overall comfort that a shoe like this offers. I by no means have ever had any desire to wear anything like Christian Louboutin’s daffodil pump (personal opinion of it being an inappropriate amount of platform and looks well (because I have no other words) “trashy”) but really appreciate an extra thick sole. When I was perusing my favourite footwear sites and doing some research, I stumbled across these Fendi sandals. The platform thickness is about as far as I would push it before feeling slightly rude about the whole thing, but I really think it passes my test. The white leather is buttery and the perfect backdrop agains the jewel encrusted front. I found myself really drawn to these shoes- not just to wear with a great summer dress, but I see them working even more well with a pair of leather pants and a silk blouse for when things cool down.

What is your opinion on platform thickness? I know it is certainly a topic with varied opinions. I personally enjoy a slight platform but nothing more than 1.5 inches max. The less noticable, the more chic the shoe will seem. I know some designers (i.e. Manolo Blahnik) would never produce a shoe with a platform and that is fine with me, as I adore single-soled shoes and feel that they are the epitomy of keeping a classic style, but on the flipside love wearing something with even more added height. So, what do you think? Platform or no platform? How thick should the added sole be? Does it depend on the type of shoe (I think so!)? Let me know in the comment section below!


8 thoughts on “Platform Thickness: How Much is Too Much?

  1. I am with you 100% and very on the fence about this issue (it’s a good one). On paper I don’t like platform….trashy is a great word for it but I think that also goes along with what people tend to wear when they are wearing a platform shoe. I have a great pair of Louboutin’s where the platform is hidden and it looks great. Then again a platform just makes the shoe so much more comfortable!!!

    • I totally agree! I think it is also about how the shoe is constructed- is the platform showing? How much material or type of material is being used, &c. Definitely much more comfortable though!

  2. I think it truly depends on the shoe, in a pump like Louboutin style or similar, then I don’t really like anything over an inch, but if I’m doing for something like a wedge, a clog, a sandal etc, you can go higher as it doesn’t look trashy!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • Awesome Lorna! That is such a good point and I certainly agree with you, when it comes to wedges, clogs and other types it is much easier to get away with a much higher heel/thicker platform by keeping it casual.

  3. Honestly? I can’t wear them. I trip all over myself in platforms. I hunted down a gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutins that had a .5″ platform. I never wore them. I tried, but it just did NOT WORK. So it’s single sole for me all the way. But I don’t mind seeing small platforms…but the 2″+ ones? I don’t know, it’s a little much.

    Those are adorable and very well done though! I think t just depends on the shoe!

      • Lol!!! Yeah, I had some when I was younger and would always trip. I couldn’t figure it out, and then it hit me…I’m fine in single sole heels, but platforms totally throw my balance off! I now know to not even attempt it! But I still get tempted.

        Sigh. I never follow trends anyway, never really have. LOL!!

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