My Designs: Brought to Life (Part Four)

pink strappy heels

I have this thing for pink shoes- especially pink heels. I think I own more pairs of pink heels than any other colour (even black!) out there. It kind of is crazy to think that I have so many pairs of one colour but of course I can justify each pair and style them all in completely different ways; so I obviously needed all of them.

I also love strappy shoes. As soon as the weather warms up I like to show off my toes and kick it with open toe, lace up, or strappy kinds of fun shoes. This being said, my desire for this specific design was just a result of my natural course through fashion. Between the colour and style combination and my need to have obnoxiously pink shoes to wear with my obnoxiously pink dress, it really was a no brainer.

They really are highlighter pink and can probably give someone a headache if they stare at them too long. But whatever, this particular design was definitely a learning experience for me and I feel like next time I would make a change or two. Small details really but then again, how many times have you heard me say “a good design is all about the details”? Regardless, I love wearing them and am totally proud whenever they pop out at me when I open my closet door- which is every time I slide that door open.


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