My Designs: Brought to Life (Part Three)

Bronze Oxfords

A couple years ago I was on my way to work one morning on a rainy day. I stopped in at a coffee shop for my usual jolt of early morning energy and saw a woman standing at the cashier ahead of me, wearing a lovely trench coat, skinny jeans and the most perfect pair of oxford wedges I had ever seen. I immediately made a mental note (that has obviously stuck quite well) to take this as inspiration for any rainy day dressing. From then on I feel that it is safe to say I truly developed an appreciation for a good oxford shoe. Years later, I never hesitate away from an oxford, whether it be in a monk-strap style or covered in glitter. They are just great.

When I became more engaged in the world of shoe design, I found myself wanting to experiment more and more with an oxford style. This is actually a revamped version of what I came up with (a slight change in material used for the heel cap) and have found them to be the utmost comfortable oxford I own. I also made this design- or a very similar design available in a traditional flat style that biasly deem to be tres chic.

I look at this pair now and also feel confident in saying that it was this design that had a huge influence on my desire to create a couple of menswear designs. None of that to share with you at the moment but certainly one day I would love to.

So what do you think? What is your favourite rainy day shoe- other than a great pair of wellies!


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