My Designs: Brought to Life

I always thought that I should design my own shoes. Not only because I constantly find myself full of ideas but because I found that over the years I found myself becoming more and more particular about what I was looking for in the footwear world. I’d be in need of a higher heel, or thicker strap; hunting for the perfect combination of materials or whatever else, and constantly be disappointed that such a shoe didn’t exist. I also wanted to design for others- I had so many friends and family members and complete strangers coming to me asking for help in order to find them a perfect pair. When I teamed up with the great people at Shoes of Prey last year, I was finally enabled to make a few of my designs come to life.

Blue Silk Shoes

This is one of the first pairs of shoes I ever designed and I actually had them made for my mom as a Christmas present last year. Infact, they are the first of my designs I saw come to life. She loves blue and enjoys little kitten heels. After 20some odd years of shopping with her, I knew exactly what catches her eye and created for her what I felt was the perfect shoe. Made of rich blue silk and black leather, I had them made, boxed and shipped up from down under. Watching her unwrap these and seeing the excitement on her face- and knowing that these came from my own creative mind- was one of the most amazing moments I’ve had so far on my journey in fashion.

I’ll be sharing a couple of my designs this week so stay tuned for more of my own creations. I’ve been wanting to share these with you for a very long time but have never been able to find the proper words to go with the shoes. But I figured, I can’t share them unless I try, so here I am, about to tell you my designs as it is.

Enjoy your first Monday of Summer! There are huge changes going on here at Talk to My Shoes, and hopefully I will be able to share some more excitement (and shoes) with you over the season!

7 thoughts on “My Designs: Brought to Life

  1. That’s so sweet of you to do that! Really, really kind! I’m sure she did love them, they are beautiful. The blue is actually really striking and it looks expensive too! I would be so worried about doing that in case they didn’t fit! Ha ha!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • I admit I was a little hesitant because I know that European and North American sizing is a little different, but I wanted to have them made so badly I took the risk. It was totally worth it!

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