Fox Fur Bugs For Your Feet

Fendi Bugs Shoes

The good people at Fendi have really done quite well with their fluffy little fox fur bugs. The company’s bag bugs have grown more and more popular, and now I feel that it is safe to say that the product itself is a true icon of the brand. Little Karlitos have chained themselves to the trendiest bags across the blogosphere and as a result of its popularity, the company has chosen to demonstrate the power of a little fox fur and big eyes on a pair of shoes.

Fendi Bugs Shoes

These designs are all about fun- exactly what Fendi intends their products to be. Not afraid of colour, texture, full of youth and everything that you could expect from Rome’s most famous designer. I’ve only grabbed a couple examples (the most currently available) designs to share on this blog, but if you’re interested in seeing more, I know that places like Saks and the Fendi website itself will have all that you need.

Fendi Bug Shoes

So, what do you think of these? Are they too over the top or are you not opposed to having some furry little critters on your feet? I think owning a pair would be perfectly perfect.


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