Tod’s for Ferrari

Tods for Ferrari

Tod’s, the maker of the original driving shoe has recently came out with their latest collaboration with none other than Ferrari. What more to ask for than a partnership between the world’s most established manufacturer of driving shoes and one of the world’s most renowned vehicle names (personally I’m more into the idea of cruising in a nice Dodge pick-up truck)?

Tod's for Ferrari

The collaboration features more options as far as menswear goes, but does include a few colours for the Gommino design in nubuck for women. Between the new colours offered and the tiny little Ferrari logo stitched on the heel, I’m pretty sold on the shoe. I’ve always personally been a fan of Tod’s shoes, the designs are generally simple, classic, yet grab attention through the unique use of material and approach to colour and texture. So what is your favourite pair in the newly released line? Worth the investment or just another vehicle (shoe) to drive around in?


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