Street Style Inspiration: May, 2015


As the weather has warmed up a considerable amount- with the exception of the last two days- I have found myself picking out dresses, skirts and warm weather outfits more and more. My favourite white denim jacket has hardly had a rest and I even recall making the comment a couple days ago that “I haven’t worn pants in sooo long!”


Over the years my style has certainly developed into something that I hope to be truly unique. Sure statement shoes might be my “signature thing” but I’m actually more about finding balance in my outfits. I love neutrals, I love basics, and I love pulling it all together with a little added twist. I always think it is a little funny when people ask me about my outfits, I never seem to know what to say. I want to be comfortable, and I want to live up to my own ridiculous standards. In doing this, I guess I’ve come up with my own formulas that work for me. Geez, I hope I don’t sound crazy.


The pictures I’ve included in this post are ones that have particularly caught my eye this month and are certainly all the type of look I go for. Some have little ideas and details I want to try, and some are more in your face that I’ve always wanted to go for (Hello black skirt, pictured above!)


So let me know, what outfits caught your eye? Do you have any favourite street style trends this Spring or a certain style that you just cannot resist? Have an amazing Saturday and a relaxing weekend!



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