Bridesmaid Shoes

I’m finally back after an absolute whirl wind trip! I spent the last couple of days out on Vancouver island, attending my brother’s wedding, hangin’ out with family, eating great food, whale watching, and, battling the worst cold I’ve had in ages. My last few days have been absolutely incredible and I had a tremendous time. You can expect some pictures of what was going on with me in the next few days but for a sneak peek of what I was up to, don’t hesitate to check out my Instagram (@talktomyshoes).

Jimmy Choo Milla

Anyway, last Friday my brother got married and I finally was able to debut the footwear that I have been hiding from you for months. And they say I can’t keep a secret…! As soon as I was told that I needed gold shoes for my bridesmaid outfit I immediately was set on the “Collar” design by Jimmy Choo. I picked these up, and the matching Milla clutch when I was in Scottsdale a couple of months ago. I’ll be sure to take some pictures of my own pair but just couldn’t bare to wait any longer, shoes are for sharing after all. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a review and more details soon enough.

Jimmy Choo Collar

I hope that everyone had an amazing long weekend! Tuesday is nearly over, Friday will come soon enough!


One thought on “Bridesmaid Shoes

  1. Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you had a great trip. I’m sooooo glad you don’t have to keep these Collar design JC a secret from us anymore. LOVE them, they look amazing. 🙂

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