Currently Craving: 2 Pairs of Boots From Rag and Bone

I know that I have mentioned that I am a pretty big Rag and Bone fan. It all started years ago when I was shopping in Calgary and absolutely freezing in the mall. My mom suggested we go buy a pair of jeans for me to wear so I don’t have to feel so cold (Note: It was the middle of July in Calgary and that seriously means nothing). So, after her not having to twist my arm at the idea whatsoever, we went into one of my favourite shops and I started trying on a few pairs I had been thinking of trying on anyway.

They fit miraculously. I usually have trouble finding jeans that fit perfectly as I am so picky, but these were no problem. From there I found myself obtaining pair after pair, and then on to other items, including my Harrow ankle booties. It was settled in my mind, I just really love Rag and Bone. They do no wrong.

I have a couple pairs of R&B boots and I think that it is safe to say that they really know how to design an on trend piece of footwear with some timeless features. And, though they are expensive, I don’t find the price point completely impossible.

The other afternoon I was perusing the R&B website and found myself coming up with sort of a wish list. So, without further ado, lets check them out:

Rag and Bone Dixon Boot Fawn Python

I’m having a bit of a moment with Chelsea style boots. I’m quite sure that I’ll be making some sort of move on a pair next time I find myself shopping for boots.

What they are: Rag and Bone Dixon boot in Fawn.

Why: I like these for the obvious snake print, but also for how neutral these are. I find that snake prints can be loud and soft at the same time so it is easy to pair these with anything- wear them as a statement shoe, or as a piece to tone down the rest of your outfit.

Rag and Bone Liam Boot

I have been thinking about open toe boots for years. I found some pairs in Vegas a few years ago that caught my eye and I kind of shoe-gret not going for them.

What: Rag and Bone Liam Boot

Why: This pair of Rag and Bone boots have a slightly higher heel than the others so you can style them in a less casual manner if needed. I like the idea of a bit of a more bold shaped, structured boot with an open toe. Also, I find this design very reflective of the Classic Newbury design that I picked up in Arizona last month.

Is there a new style of boot that you are looking to try? Who or where do you turn to when you need a new pair of boots? Let me know in the comment section below!


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