Wedding Style with Sophia Webster

Every Spring or so, I find myself writing a post about wedding season. I think it is safe to say that we are officially into it, I have seen countless posts on other blogs I enjoy about weddings and everything from “What to Wear” to “50 Mason Jar Centrepiece Ideas” (ok I skipped the latter because I don’t really care about anything like that). Anyway, I know that I have done a couple wedding shoe round ups in the past, but today I thought that instead of picking out my favourite pieces, I would share a specific line by a very fashion-forward designer.

Sophia Webster’s designs are certainly not foreign to the Talk to My Shoes blog, being as daring and at times loud as they are. However, for the shoe lover in each of us, and for those of us who are looking for something a bit more unique than a pearly white satin pair of sandals, Sophia Webster recently released an entire line dedicated to brides/the bridal party. I’ve included a couple of the pieces below so you can have a little taste of what is going on. What do you think? Let me know below in the comments!

Sophia Webster Wedding Sophia-Webster-Chiara-Sandals Sophia-Webster-Coco-Crystal_2 Sophia-Webster-JoJo-Pumps Sophia-Webster-Lacey-Crystal-Sandal Sophia-Webster-Tyra-Heart-Slingback-Pumps Sophia-Webster-Wifey-for-Lifey-Sandals


One thought on “Wedding Style with Sophia Webster

  1. Sophia Webster hey! Never heard of her until now but WOW I’m impressed. I’m sure every bride or bridal party can find something they like. Love the writing on the soles, that’s so cute.

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