Sunday Street Style Inspiration

A few pieces of street-style inspiration for your lazy Sunday morning:
Kate Spade Coat

Outerwear is definitely something that shouldn’t be forgotten or overlooked. Think about it, when you are travelling around or running errands, what is it that people see? Not usually what is underneath your jacket- unless you are one of those who have strategically left your top layer open to leave a peek at the day’s full ensemble. A great outerwear piece is a worthwhile investment and this bright coat with an oversize bow from Kate Spade is perfect to transition into Spring.

Olsen Proenza SchoulerI mentioned to you a couple days ago in this post that I recently acquired a new addition to my purse collection- a Proenza Schouler PS1. I could not be more happy with it and have been bringing it with me everywhere. I did a little research and stumbled across this in the process. Everything about Ashley Olsen here is perfect- from her messy pony tail, mixing prints and her suede PS1.

Manolo Blahnik Street Style

The current Manolo Blahnik line out for this season is beyond amazing. Here, her tassel pumps look perfect with a cropped blue leather jacket (yet again, great outerwear). I don’t think I would ever dare to put a bouquet of flowers in my purse but in this picture it seems to work as a nice pop of colour. Step up your shoe game and keep everything else outfit-wise nice and simple.

Taylor Swift Rainy Day

I chose this picture because it has been pouring rain- in the most pleasant way, all weekend. I took my Burberry rainboots out for a spin yesterday but here, Taylor reminds us that there are other footwear alternatives for when it is wet outside. An all black outfit is certainly not boring when different textures come in to play. Ankle boots will keep your feet dry while keeping things light and not weigh down your ensemble.

So what is your favourite outfit for when it rains? Where do you look for street style inspiration? Let me know in the comments and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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