4 Things: Marc By Marc Jacobs

We all have heard by now that Marc By Marc Jacobs will be folded into the Marc Jacobs line. The announcement was made a couple weeks ago and the news is both very exciting for Mr. Jacobs and the fashion world, yet very sad for many of us who simply adore the MbMJ line. I have become a huge fan of Marc Jacobs (the person) and all his work over the years, admiring what he has done not only in regards to his own lines, but also his work for Louis Vuitton and beyond.

So, in celebration of the good things to come by Mr. Jacobs, I have selected my four current favourite items available (that are not mouse flats because it is so obvious that I love those little shoes).

Marc Jacobs glasses phone case

This ridiculously amazing iphone 5 case. Because everyone needs a case that looks like a sweet visor when they hold their phone up to their face. I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs iphone case (along with everyone else, right?) that I picked up years ago when my phone was still new. I still use it and still totally love it. In fact, I think I will switch cases after I am done typing up this post.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dog Slipper

Ok, they aren’t mouse flats but they are cute puppy slippers. My mom actually has this pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs slippers and they are really quite amazing. My favourite part? The little hearts in the puppy’s eyes. This design is also available in black and silver instead of white, and also made as a regular flat (same smoking slipper shape) without the quilted lining.


I haven’t worn a backpack probably since the sixth grade. Come the time I was in junior high, places like the Gap and Esprit were making those “cool” messenger style bags with the stupidly thick material like a drink cooler that were popular for some reason in the late 90’s/early 00’s. Anyway, if I were ever to get a backpack (and maybe I should just invest? But really. Why?) I would without a doubt go for this one from MbMJ. Simple, sleek and the right amount of hardware make it just right.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Don't Panic Shoe

And finally, do you know the number of times I have added these sneakers into my shopping cart online? It is ridiculous. My first reaction when I heard the mere rumour that Marc Jacobs was folding his lines into each other was to freak out and look for these shoes online. Then I thought to myself, “You’re panicking”. Was I? I don’t know but I ended up pulling it together. I still have time to make these happen if they continue to haunt me.

What do you think of the news from Marc Jacobs? Do you have a favourite product from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line that you will miss the most?


2 thoughts on “4 Things: Marc By Marc Jacobs

  1. I guess I need to get out of my Western Canada gopher hole! I had no idea this was taking place. Or maybe I should just admit…I know very like about the Marc Jacob products other than he makes some pretty darn cute mousy flats. 🙂 I always seem to focus on my favourite designers but thanks to you raising my awareness, perhaps I’m missing out.

    • Haha yeah it has been big news for a while now! Marc Jacobs products are really amazing, you are totally missing out on some great stuff- aside from the mouse flats, he has designed a lot of other flats you might like as well. There is a lot of MJ products out there that would be great for the look you’re going for.

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