OOTD: Metallic Shorts

If I am not mistaken, this will be my last outfit of the day from my most recent trip to Arizona.  One of my favourite places to shop is at the J.Crew location in Kierland Commons in Scottsdale. I’ve always liked J.Crew and think it is fair to say that their clothing is certainly a staple in my closet. However, I find that I like this location best- in an outdoor mall, located conveniently across the street from some of my favourite patios. Also, the staff is absolutely phenomenal and always leave with a smile even if I am empty handed (but really, when does that ever happen?)

Talk To My Shoes

So, on one of my last days on my trip, I wore a full J.Crew look, complete with this metallic skort. It is kind of fun that the skort has been re-done. Still it isn’t easy to pull off without looking super 1990’s summer camp, but I find that when the material is of a certain weight and certain lines are made in the garmet, it can become quite flattering.

Talk To My Shoes

Here I am also wearing the most perfect light weight tank from J.Crew as well as my new black sliders that I showed you in my previous post.

Metallic J.Crew Skort

So, what do you think of skorts? Worth the 90’s revival, or just nice for the occasional afternoon?

Happy weekend to all my readers! I hope everyone finds some time to relax and rejuvenate!


One thought on “OOTD: Metallic Shorts

  1. Love the metallic skort and the entire AZ setting.

    Other than the satisfaction of coming home with something you like from whichever designer or boutique you like, the experience and satisfaction is so much better if you’ve had a GREAT experience while shopping. Return customer comes cuz of great service comes to mind.

    This skort and style is unique, certainly ’90’s but also 2015’s

    Great pictures!

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