Outfit of the Day: Arizona Sunshine

I thought that I would do a bit of a different outfit of the (other) day this evening. These pictures were taken last week when I was in Arizona. One of my favourite things to do when I visit the Grand Canyon state is to go on a run in the morning after breakfast. Usually when I am at home in Canada I like to do my workouts in the evening but I find that if I wait too late in the day when I am in Arizona, it just gets way too hot to do anything outside other than lounge in a chair or walk across the yard to the hot tub (in which I turn off the heater so it really is just “the tub).

After my run one morning, little Rusty decided he wanted to share some of his toys with me and invited me to play as he “killed” his various toy chickens, dragons, bones, and squirrels. This is a peek at what our hang out looked like:

Talktomyshoes DSC00039 DSC00044

talktomyshoesSo what was I wearing? Not that you can totally see but, my shorts are by Lululemon. Their “run” shorts are my absolute favourite! I swear by all their running and yoga clothes, I know it is expensive but I think it is worth the investment. Plus, you get to support a Canadian company! However, on this day my shirt was by Pink and my sunglasses by Chanel. My sandals that I slipped on after my outdoor adventure are from J.Crew.

J.Crew black slider sandal

Rusty the Dog

Somebody was pretty tired out. The best spot to nap is clearly outside under the couch.


2 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Arizona Sunshine

  1. Cute puppy playtime! You certainly wore him out. Must be nice for a puppy to have a sleep anywhere. šŸ™‚
    Great sandals, the part over the top of your foot is similar to my Tory’s.

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