Arizona Photo Diary: March 2015

Hey it’s me again! As you might have figured, I got back from Arizona earlier this week after  yet another totally amazing holiday. I always have the best time down there. I love exploring new places in the greater Phoenix area as well as going to my favourite spots. There is also something about sitting in the sun that is totally rejuvenating. You can bet that I spent the last 9 days outside in the sunshine trying to catch up on my vitamin d after a cold and dark 6 month Winter.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few pictures with you that normally wouldn’t make it on to Talk to My Shoes. Outside of shopping and having great food, there is tons to do and see!

Arizona Desert

The desert has a lot more vegetation than you’d expect. I took this on my way home from a nice mani/pedi morning so the quality is downright sucky from driving. But, you get the idea.

Arizona BunnyI met the two cutest, teeniest bunnies ever on one of my runs. I stopped running to say good morning and make friends with them, and they weren’t even spooked! Infact, they ended up coming quite close to me and agreed to pose for a couple pictures. Then, we raced up the rest of the ridge. I couldn’t quite keep up.

Arizona Palm TreesSeeing palm trees makes me feel more like I’m in California or Florida, not Arizona. But, people plant them and they seem to do alright. I spent one afternoon up in Cave Creek exploring and having a rather delicious lunch on yet another patio.

11151066_10101131130398626_3500526184324894307_nI think I previously mentioned that I got a new camera! I took it out in the backyard one afternoon to try and learn how to use it. I am by no means a great photographer but I was pretty excited when this butterfly agreed to be in my picture.


Nice ass! I mean, I met a Burro! But it wasn’t real. Wearing my Gucci bag, Citizens of Humanity denim, tank by J.Crew and sweater by Forever 21. I always leave it down there, it just screams Arizona.

Arizona Fountain Hills

I took this on a patio much closer to the house. Of course the picture and my photography skills don’t do the situation justice.


And finally. I take selfies and listen to Taylor Swift on long car rides.


One thought on “Arizona Photo Diary: March 2015

  1. What a soothing post. These are memories and adventures we can’t get North of the 49th. One might say “picture perfect”. Nice ass and Great sweater, perfect for those air conditioned restaurants. Those bunnies are cute but sometimes they scare the heck out of me when they jump out of no where when I’m walking to Starbucks in the mornings.

    Great selfie. 😊

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