Travel Style: What is in My Bag?

Greetings from my favourite state! I am currently on a vacation- hence the lack of updates, but thought it would be a perfect opportunity to continue with my travel series and let you take a peek into my travel bag.

What is in my travel bag

In no particular order: My passport, Chanel sunglasses, Kobo, ereader, YSL lip gloss, blanket scarf, FrendsXBaublebar headphones, BCBG clutch that I actually keep my tablet in, Creme Egg, Louis Vuitton wallet.

Things I didn’t include that were actually still in my bag (but I didn’t want to dump everything at the airport. I was already getting great looks) in no particular order:

Another Creme Egg. A pack pf Kleenex. Linen sweater. Hair brush. Hand sanitizer. About 8 other lip balms, sticks and glosses. Tic tacs and gum. Boarding passes. A receipt for Tim Hortons. Countless bobbypins that I can never seem to find. A small pack I keep my jewelry in. Fuzzy socks with blue owls on the toes. The crossbody strap to my bag and my reading glasses.

What do you bring with you when you travel?

Thanks to everyone for stopping by. I’ll try and post a bit more on my holiday but if you want to follow the exciting action, you can stay tuned via my Twitter @talk2myshoesand Instagram: @talktomyshoes


5 thoughts on “Travel Style: What is in My Bag?

  1. Hope you are having a great vacation. You certainly travel in style.

    A very wise friend told me once, travel to where you are going with an empty suitcase or bag so you can bring lots of goodies home with you. šŸ™‚

      • Ahhhh, this friend is a genius…as well as many other great things. In 24 hours I should be feeling the AZ heat. I know my suitcase will be pretty much empty but I’m having a hard time deciding which sandals to bring…And maybe a pair of flats. I bet you know what I’m going thru. haha šŸ™‚

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