Travel Style: Shoes

So you’re going on a trip. You want to be fashionable, mobile and most of all comfortable. On top of that you don’t want to be the crazy B in the security line up that is struggling with getting her belongings together as everyone stares in disbelief and checks their watch. The good news is I can help. I’ve been there before- no, not as the crazy B but the person staring in disbelief as they wait patiently. Let’s talk about it- how the shoes we travel in make a difference to our jetset performance.

Of course our final destination determines the type of clothes we are going to pack, and the same goes with shoes. In previous posts in this series I have discussed the importance of versatility and comfort as well as weather appropriate dressing. The same applies for shoes. Pack shoes that you can wear with multiple outfits, that aren’t going to rip your feet apart and that are going to make you grin from ear to ear each time you look down at them.

I actually have little to say about what shoes to pack on your trips- basically whatever the heck makes you happy, go for it! Be it sparkly red pumps or a cool suede pair of drivers, pack what works for you. However, I do have something to say about footwear during your travel process.

First, is your name Snookie? Or are you Anna Dello Russo or Victoria Beckham? No? (Shout out if you are Anna or Victoria reading my blog. I would absolutely freak out!) Then you have no reason to wear your 5 or 6 inch stiletto heels to the airport or on the plane. You aren’t going clubbing, and this isn’t a Lil Jon music video, so pack them away in your suitcase or carry on and change into them after. Plus if something happens and you’re the psycho who wears stilettos in an emergency and punctures a hole in the inflatable slide or raft, I guarantee someone will probably try and steal your shoe and probably try to shank you. So, put your crazy high stilettos away for now. I’m glad that is cleared up.

I’ve picked out examples of four pairs of shoes in different styles that I feel are great for travel, comfortable to wear, stylish and easy to make it through a travel day in. Remember, airport terminals are huge. I wouldn’t have made my flight in Chicago if I had to run for the plane in anything other than something with a flat sole; and I wouldn’t be able to carry my luggage around- up and down escalators even, in a shoe that I wasn’t completely comfortable in.

Jimmy Choo Prima Snake

To start, I chose these cork Jimmy Choo Prima wedge sandals. They are comfortable (I will be wearing a very similar version on my next airport adventure), easy to slip on and off and a great neutral. On top of all this greatness they sport a great tread to keep us from slipping on slick floors and they also add some added height. Over all, an awesome choice. I’ll show you something very similar in action very soon.

Salvator Ferragamo Varina Glitter

Flats are always a more than perfect choice for jetsetting around the world. Once again, there is nothing easier to slip on and off in a line up (see the theme?)  while looking put together. I chose these Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats with some fun sequins just to mix up the look. But as you know, I’m recommending the style of shoe, not the shoe itself. Though, Varina flats are the epitomy of perfection. Anyway, these are great day to night, casual to dressy shoes. Pick your favourite pair and rock them.

pierre hardy bi colour pumps

If you absolutely feel the need to hear the joyous clicking of your heels as you make your way down the terminal I still think there are great options. I actually enjoy travelling in lower heeled shoes. Something that is still incredibly easy to be mobile in as well as something that really spruces up an outfit, without looking like “that girl” that I described that the beginning of this post. A two inch heel- or even a nice kitten heel is perfect for this. I too love the sound of my shoes clicking on the floor and enjoy having a bit of extra height, but these you don’t seem so crazy and unprepared in. This pair by Pierre Hardy caught my eye (ok was that lame? Sorry) for obvious reasons.

Classic Newberry Rag and Bone

Finally, for some of us it isn’t exactly possible to travel to and from our destination in something that doesn’t cover our feet properly, so I thought I’d add these to my list. Infact, I travel in ankle boots something like 85% percent of the time. Remember that whole bit about living in Canada? Yeah. The key to this is having something that is effortless to slip in and out of. I picked out these Classic Newberry boots by Rag and Bone for my final example. They have a zip, a chunky comfortable heel for height and they are so sleek and versatile that it doesn’t matter where your final destination is, I guarantee you will want to wear them when you get there.

I hope that what I have to say is at least the tiniest bit helpful to some of you. Really though, footwear is about being comfortable and confident. Wear what makes you happy when you’re travelling, this is all just stuff that I have found to work for me after years of constant travelling.

Now I want to hear from you! What do you like to travel in?


5 thoughts on “Travel Style: Shoes

  1. Another GREAT travel post and nice showcase of suitable airport/travel shoes. I know for me personally if I have to make a connecting flight I will wear something that I can run in if I have to. There’s nothing worst than missing your connection by a few minutes cuz you were slowed down by your footwear. 😦

    I had to laugh at your comment about the high heels puncturing the escape slide. Many year ago on the safety demo card in each seat pocket it did actually show that you are to remove your high heels before exiting the airplane in an emergency. I’m not sure if it still does or not. Do you know?

    For my upcoming trip I’ll be wearing my comfy Tory loafers with a comfy pair of sandals to change into once I arrive at my destination. Sandals cuz it’s going to be warm when I arrive. 🙂 What will you be wearing?

    • Hey! I believe in the safety cards it instructs you to remove your footwear regardless of what you are wearing. Funny thing, I have those safety demos that the airline attendants do before take off memorized hahaha. Tory loafers sound great. I’m planning on sandals for my entire trip!

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