Bringing Back the 70’s: Valentino Chevron

One of the largest trends in the fashion world is currently the reemergence of 70’s style. We saw this coming in small doses last season as platforms and block heels started to appear, but it is safe to say that the 70’s are back in full force (but thankfully in a way that is updated and streamlined).

Valentino Chevron Sandal

Everything from bellbottoms, platforms, and heavy floral prints to even those silly round sunglasses has been presented to us by designers from clear across the board. Naturally, when Valentino started on with their rainbow chevron design on everything from footwear to purses, I wasn’t exactly surprised. I think that this particular pair of rainbow chevron sandals really sum up the whole 70’s thing we have going on at the moment. The chevron print and colour of course count for a lot, but how about that thick plexiglass heel that is truly the main feature of the shoe? I kind of really love it, don’t you? It reminds me of beautiful stained glass. Valentino has once again not just created a shoe that I would gladly wear, but a piece of art I would love to display in a sunny room in my house.


9 thoughts on “Bringing Back the 70’s: Valentino Chevron

  1. Ahh the ’70’s, I remember them. (OPPS, hope I didn’t give away my age πŸ™‚ ). I kinda thought they would be reappearing after seeing a few designers with 70’ish styling. Love the colourful plastic heels on theses Valentinos. Isn’t it amazing what bright sunlight can do to the look of a colourful shoe.

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