Summer Ankle Boots at Nine West

Nine West Cut Out Bootie

It is certain to say that as of late, Nine West has truly been putting its best foot forward. A great starting point for fair-priced heels that offer comfort and quality, I feel that the brand is a staple in many shoe-lovers closets. Personally speaking, I know that I have an ample collection of my own. Lately however, the company has been much more forward with their products in terms of trendiness; perhaps this is to cater to a more fashion-forward audience, or maybe they are just following suit, but regardless I am not complaining.

Nine West Cut Out Bootie

I’ve noticed a lot of other fashion bloggers sharing their purchases of cut out booties from Nine West as of late and thought that I’d share with you three pairs that particularly caught my eye. Sure the cut out bootie trend isn’t exactly new, but it is obvious that this concept of design has definitely established itself as a must for the upcoming season. My favourite pair? Pictured below. What do you think? Are cut out booties on your radar this Spring?

Nine West Cut Out Ankle Bootie

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