The Trend Continues: Cut Out Flats for Spring

I’ve picked out these Outfast Flats by Chinese Laundry to share with you today as I feel that they are actually quite chic for what they are, and deserve a bit of recognition. When I look at this pair, I don’t think the name “Chinese Laundry” at all- I think of Zara, H&M, or some other trendy European brand. How it is nice to be surprised!  I enjoy the simplicity of this shoe, the funky mirrored upper, and of course the skin baring structure of the design.

Chinese Laundry is a name you wouldn’t hear me say often- perhaps this is the first time I have brought it up on Talk to My Shoes. I honestly don’t remember. But regardless, sometimes it is nice to have our attention on a shoe that has a great price point.

chinese laundry cut out flats

What do you think of cut out flats this Spring? Personally, I feel that it is much more approachable than the cut out boot trend that has been hovering around for the past while.


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