Five Affordable Wedges for Spring

Like I’ve told you many times before, I love a good pair of heels. But, sometimes I want that added height with a bit of extra cushion and comfort. Wedges are such a great piece for the Spring and Summer. They’re hugely versatile, comfortable and make your stems go on for days if you have the right care.

I know that my personal collection of wedges has grown to be slightly outrageous. It all started with a brown pair from BCBG with an elastic strap and woven heel. Between the comfort my feet experienced and the glory I felt of being a good 5 inches taller than normal in a completely casual manner, I was hooked. From there my collection grew and grew to include all sorts- from champagne gold pairs, mirrored leather Jimmy Choos, to even the Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon wedges made popular by the Duchess of Cambridge (who are we kidding, Princess Kate and I really are twinsies).

Anyway, I understand that not all of us has a spare grand to just throw away on a pair of wedges- or a pair of anything for that matter. Actually let me rephrase: most of us don’t have a spare grand to just throw away on anything, nevermind shoes. Shoe shopping gets expensive, but lets not forget about all the trendy alternative places that we can check out to get the same look in a more wallet-friendly manner.

So, on that note, may I share with you, five wedges for Spring that won’t cost your soul.

Michael Kors denim and leather wedge

This denim and leather wedge by Michael Michael Kors is a pretty great spot to start for versatility. Imagine how killer these would be with your favourite sundress or a chambray romper for a denim on denim look.

Clear Stuart Weitzman Wedges

I love the idea of an invisible sandal with a glitter wedge. It must look like walking on magic when wearing these wedges by Stuart Weitzman.

Tory Burch Color Block WedgeI really like the mix of wood and colour in these colour block mules wedges by Tory Burch. I’ve seen them also available in a neutral leather as well but hey, the sun is shining, now is the time to wear white. Right?

Top Shop Wedge

This is probably one of the more casual pairs I picked out, but hey, a brown wedge goes a long long way. Also, the pitch on this pair isn’t too bad so we know that they’ll be extra comfy to run around in.

Zara Sandal Wedge

Sometimes a good pair of slide ons is all we really need. I like how simple this pair is by Zara, between the black leather and cork wedge they are bound to go with the majority of outfits. Plus, the wedge/flatform hybrid is just so comfy, you don’t need to worry about achey feet after a long day of patio hopping and shopping.


One thought on “Five Affordable Wedges for Spring

  1. Great choices of wedges. These choices will add style, height, comfort and stability. And the “less than a thousand dollars” price tag means you’ll also added money into your wallet. Well, maybe not “adding” money into your wallet but there’ll be less money leaving your wallet.

    Ahh, welcome back Spring and all the fun colourful shoes. 😊

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