Sitting Pretty: Christian Louboutin’s Highest Heel

Good morning and happy Saturday! I’m going to try and catch up on a couple posts here today so be sure to check back a few times this weekend.

Christian Louboutin is obviously known for his sky high designs, sharp stilettos, seemingly uncomfortable shoes and of course, his famous red soles. The So Kate pump emerged a couple seasons ago at a teetering 120mm. However, this is actually not the designers steepest sole.

Christian Louboutin Hot ChickAppropriately named “Hot Chick” these shoes wreck your feet at a whopping 130mm. These definitely are a shoe not made for walking around or standing for long periods of time, more so, made for sitting pretty while nibbling on french macarons over a cup of tea. So now I want to know from you, how high is too high? Would you invest in a pair of shoes that are not comfortable to hang around in?

I really admire Christian Louboutin and what he has accomplished in the world of shoe design, but for that height, I’d prefer to add a bit of a platform to make it happen. They’re quite beautiful and I really like the scalloped heel, but if you can comfortably walk around in a shoe with that crazy a pitch, please, let me know and tell me your secret.


4 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty: Christian Louboutin’s Highest Heel

  1. Experience as a ballerina?! Lol.

    I can do 120’s with ease (no platform. I hate platforms), but I’ve not tried these on. I walk around my house on tip toes a lot anyway. (Former ballerina & ice dancer. My feet are pretty wrecked and numb most of the time anyway!!!)

    ā¤ Jules

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