Travel Style: What to Wear

After some great feedback from a previous post on my personal travel style, I have decided to do a bit of a mini series on the topic. This afternoon I want to share how I plan my outfit so I can be as comfortable as possible while hanging out at airports, on the plane, and even ready for immediate adventure when arriving at my destination.

Rocket Skinny JeansStarting with bottoms, I mentioned in the previous post about travel style that I cannot stand it when I see people wearing yoga pants at the airport. I understand wanting to be comfortable, but seriously, you aren’t going to downward dog in the aisle so why even dress up like you might? Are you some sort of yoga guru instructor who just left their yoga class, booked it to the airport, and are going to teach another class immediately after landing? No. Highly unlikely, so just lose the idea now.

While comfortable, I don’t often opt to travel in denim unless I am going to be on a short flight. I often pick a pair of comfortable black leggings or riding pants. However, ever since I discovered the magic that is the Rocket skinny jean by Citizens of Humanity, I think it is safe to say that these are SUPER comfy for travel and think they look great even after a full day of traveling. Oh! Also, another great option is a fun wide legged pant. Wide pants are making a comeback so perhaps this is another good option for someone who feels the need to grab at the ultimate comfort.

jcrew-blue-crew-neck-cashmere-sweater-product-1-14703252-942870142_large_flexWhen I think about what I should wear on top I think of layering. Coming from Canada, chances are it is frigid outside so I need to think of both warm and cold temperatures. And even if it is nice out, I always find myself freezing somewhere around 39, 000 ft. I usually grab a slouchy knit to wear over a tank. This provides the mega comfort that everyone wants when up in the air, as well as a bit of warmth. Other great options are cardigans and blazers. I remember I opted for a linen blazer for my New York travels and didn’t regret it a single moment. I felt and looked put together after a long day- the same goes for a good cashmere sweater. Most of my favourite sweaters are from J.Crew.

I also try and bring a jacket for the trip. This is always tricky for me- do I bring something that I have to wear to the airport because it is some unreasonable temperature outside? Or something light to throw overtop an outfit if I chose to have dinner on a patio? This is a constant battle. Honestly, I bring both. Try to pack something that is easy to layer and easy to wear. Blazers and denim jackets are pretty stellar when it comes to this.

valentino rockstud flatsAs for my favourite part of any outfit, the shoes! Going through security can be a real pain in the ass. People don’t know what they are doing, it takes forever, and every airport security is different. Pick a shoe that is super easy to take on and off at security. Leave your strappy gladiators at home and pack your heels in a bag. If I can, I wear a pair of comfortable flats. Airport terminals can be super long to hike through and moving sidewalks aren’t the best place to test your runway walking skills. You have to carry luggage, and probably a much deserved Starbucks too. Keep your shoes flat and choose something that looks polished and put together. Valentino, Tory Burch, Lanvin, Michael Kors, they all design super fun flats.

Jewelry. Refer back to security dilemma: some metal detectors are more sensitive than others. Just keep it simple. Do you really want to be taking off a pile of statement necklaces in the security lineup? Probably not. I always just wear a watch with an easy clasp and a pair of stud earrings. If you are worried about losing valuables while you travel, put them a little pouch to keep on your carry-on bag.

s15_04_030_37776_10005_off_fThe last accessory I really like to bring with me is a great scarf. The emergence of blanket scarves this past Fall has been awesome for travel. I have this very light blue and white one from Aritzia that I love to wear. It turns into the perfect sized “blankie” on a plane, and it turns into a great over piece when it gets cold outside. They are super easy to roll up and pack into a bag. They’re just… great.

I hope that covers a few things as far as what I tend to wear when I travel. By no means am I an expert on the topic but I certainly have come into a pretty efficient travel routine over the years. While writing this I once again find myself with far too many thoughts and ideas about the topic so, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

What do you like to wear when you travel?


5 thoughts on “Travel Style: What to Wear

  1. You are the kind of traveller I want to be behind in the security line. Nothing is more bothersome than watching the uninformed traveller bring a security line to a grinding halt. Love you choices of what to wear. You are a seasoned travel veteran at such a young age.

    Great idea for a new line of posts as well. 😊

    • Haha thanks! I guarantee that by the time it is my turn to put my stuff in those bins, I already have my watch in my bag, jackets/sweaters off, liquids in that stupid separate bag, ready to pull out my laptop (though I started traveling with my tablet instead which is SO nice) so all I have to do is kick off my shoes and keep on goin’.
      Oh, I also promise I am probably rolling my eyes at the handful of incompetent people infront of me. Hahaha!

      Also, the outfit I chose to share eliminates any extra metals on the outfit- belts, extra jewelry and all those little things that create such a hassle.

  2. I knew this would be a GREAT post! Totally agree with everything! What is it about 39,000ft? I swear they cool down the plane at that level. I have to admit I have a strange fascination with women who wear crazy high heels when they travel. Funny thing is that they always look so uncomfortable.

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