OOTD: Monochromatic in the Desert

Good morning, or afternoon, or evening or wherever it is wherever you are, I hope it has been good. I’m still on holiday down in the Grand Canyon state, have been having fun with taking some outfit photos and soaking up the sun. In a desperately sad attempt to keep up with things (I know that I won’t though because this -is- a holiday!) I want to share an outfit I wore the other day.


Black and white monochromatic looks have been popular for quite some time, making an appearance in some form season after season, and this year is no different. I picked up this top (someone I know will be calling this my new killer whale top I’m sure) from BCBG and threw on my favourite white skinny jeans by Rag and Bone. I don’t wear white pants all that often but I have to say, man, they felt great and looked sharp the other afternoon. Also, the outfit matched my manicure. Kind of stellar!

bow french manicure

I hope that everyone is doing well and that signs of Spring are starting to show (or showing soon) wherever you are. OK, I know that is a lie and up North is totally suffering but I’m trying to be nice. Also, NYFW, who is following? What have you been enjoying? I have to admit, I feel that things started off a little weak but things have picked up towards the end. Looking forward to London? I am!


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