OOTD: Greetings from Arizona

Greetings from sunny and warm Arizona! My holiday is obviously fabulous so far- of course it is knowing I’ve spent the last two days outside in the sunshine relaxing. Today I headed over to one of my favourite shopping spots for a little bit of an adventure. Before I left, I thought I’d snap a little outfit of the day action for you!


There isn’t much to this outfit. I’m wearing mostly old purchases but have found new ways to style them so they feel new again. However, my kickass denim jacket you see I picked up a couple of weeks ago from Burberry. I had been looking for a white denim jacket that wasn’t too boxy or heavy for ages and years later I finally found one! Also, you might recognize those sunglasses by Jimmy Choo from a few years ago. They are the first pair of JC glasses I got, it has been fun to revive them lately and bring them on this trip!

I hope everyone is having a great Family Day weekend- or for any Yankees stopping by- Happy Presidents Day!


5 thoughts on “OOTD: Greetings from Arizona

    • Hey! Thanks, i had the skirt for a while but never actually had a chance to wear it until yesterday! I popped by raindrops briefly yesterday to see the new launch but will take a closer look at it today and let you know! Thanks for coming by eh 🙂

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