Desert Nights

I love travelling. I love packing and leaving my home and arriving in a new place (or a new home) hours or a day or week later. I love the escape from the norm and the new adventures it brings. This time next week I will have arrived in Arizona. Arizona is one of my favourite places to travel- I have been going there since I was a kid and now have my favourite places to eat, shop, hike, and lounge about. I will never get bored or tired of it. And I will especially never get tired of the heat.

Part of the fun for me is packing for a warm (ok, hot) climate in the middle of Winter. It reached -40 here last week and I know that I will be in +30 next week. So, I go to where I keep all my summer shorts, rompers and dresses and have a great time picking out what I want to wear. Once I’ve tackled my clothes, I head to where all my sandals have been stored.

Charlotte Olympia Cactus ShoePerusing the Charlotte Olympia website this morning I came across these “Desert Night” wedges from the Cruise ’15 collection. I went berserk. They immediately reminded me of all my time down south and my upcoming trip. How perfect would it be to jaunt around Scottsdale in these? Exactly.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend- I woke up with a miserable sore throat this morning and am hoping that with the amount of tea and soup I’ve had today it will be gone by tomorrow.


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