Shoe Review: Sarah Jessica Parker

I know that I have gushed about Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line on Talk to My Shoes more than a few times now but I have to just continue to share my excitement. I paid a visit to the new Nordstrom store in Calgary last week and was shocked and surprised to be not disappointed! Using Target as an example, Canada is quite good at ruining perfectly fine stores from the United States so I was a little skeptical about the arrival of Nordies.

Anyway, upon arrival I felt quite at home and felt quite pleased with the store. Sure, it is new and there are some areas that need tweaking but over all, well done.

Back to far more important things! As I destroyed the shoe department for the first time, I found these brushed pumps by SJP with a grosgrain ribbon. A complete no brainer. A complete impulse. I didn’t even have to think about it (and why would one think of natural instinct?) I asked for my size, slipped them on, and claimed them for myself. Easy.

Sarah Jessica Parker Pink shoes

So if you were wondering how the shoes actually stand up in comparison to other high end shoes- they certainly do justice. Extremely comfortable, and worth every penny. In all honesty, I would probably drop even more $ on the collection than what was being charged. Sarah Jessica Parker does no wrong in my books and I can say that in my experience, she has been the overachiever that she is, once again, in the shoe department. Quality and affordable. Oh, and awesome.

I posted this picture on instagram @talktomyshoes a couple days ago and could not believe the feedback. Thank you to everyone for taking your time to visit, swing by the blog, my insta, twitter @talk2myshoes, whatever it is. I appreciate every thing you have done and your encouragement and kind words mean everything to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


3 thoughts on “Shoe Review: Sarah Jessica Parker

  1. There is this divine pair of peep toe pale blue-green t-strap heels at the rack I keep being tempted by. And on super sale too. Your post is making me want to run down and buy them!!! So pretty!!!!

    ❤ Jules

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