OOTD: Staying Warm in the Cold

Good evening friends! I thought that I’d put a bit of a twist on an outfit of the day post this time and give you a bit of a peek at how I bundle up to go outside. Now, in no way do I promote this as a cute outfit, but more as a necessity to avoid frostbite while scraping my vehicle off before heading into town to go to work. I do try my best though. In all honesty, I wish I had the option to dress as sleek as many of you when the weather turns cold but unfortunately, my definition  of cold is probably yours of hell, and your definition of cold is probably my definition of a crisp yet pleasant day.

That being said, we actually have had quite a nice go lately and it was only recently that the temperature dropped back down to dangerous frostbite warnings and painful windchill warnings. This outfit is actually what I wore on Sunday when I headed out for groceries. Apologies for the weather talk and the overt Canadian-ness, I guess in some sort of sick sense I’m proud of surviving days when it is as cold as balls.

cold as balls

black sorrelsRemember being in elementary school and wearing a pair of Sorrels that would always seem to eat your socks when you tried to take them off? No? Okay well I do, and I own the updated, “cute”, ankle version. I like these because they are decently warm (add wool socks into the mix!) and even more-so due to their waterproof quality.

Canada Goose Purple

When man is sent to live on Mars because Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck can’t save the planet from an asteroid heading our way, I am totally bringing my Canada Goose parka with me. It is honestly the warmest thing (and kept me warm last year when the record low was indeed colder than Mars!) They are investment pieces that are TOTALLY worth it. If you live in a painfully cold climate, I really encourage you to pick one up. I also know that they make all sorts of other apparel. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with goose down.


J.Brand jeans do not keep me warm, but my embarrassingly bright pink snowpants do. For some reason I haven’t convinced myself to take them out yet this year.

Cold Weather Selfie

To top off my look (incognito grocery shopping!) I pulled on my grey slouchy wool tuque from Aritzia and hid behind my Tom Ford aviators. I think people forget to wear sunglasses in the Winter but it is so important to protect your eyes year round, plus, there is nothing more annoying than driving with the sun setting in your eyes or snow blindness. Can you even tell it is me?

Anyway, I hope you didn’t mind a bit of a different post today. Let me know what you think and how you bundle up to face the cold! Happy Tuesday!


One thought on “OOTD: Staying Warm in the Cold

  1. When you can’t escape the cold, it’s nice to be cozy and warm. It’s even better to be stylish and warm. I love how Winter clothes companies have stepped up their game. Those Sorrels are adorable. Great advice about wearing sunglasses in the Winter to prevent snow blindness.

    Great look, stay warm. 🙂

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