Chanel Mid Calf Boot

About halfway through the Winter (mine started in October) I get really tired of wearing my Winter boots. Which for me this year, is very interesting as I only recently brought up my heavy duty Sorels and Uggs. Heavy duty Uggs as in not the kind Aussies wear as slippers, but the waterproof, heavy tread kind. On days like today, when we have a layer of fresh snow yet I have it in my head it is a Spring day, I turn to the rest of my boot collection for help. I usually go for a riding boot or maybe something over the knee to compromise warm legs for cold toes. The point of this is to not feel clunky and bundled, but sleek, light and hopeful that the pavement will be dry soon. What a dream that would be.

mid calf boots chanel

Anyway, I think that these mid calf boots by Chanel are just perfect for what I am wanting to wear today. Super chic, sleek, great block heel, great material and completely unrealistic because they wouldn’t last from my front door to the top of the driveway. Maybe one day…

Have a great weekend everyone and a huge thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “Chanel Mid Calf Boot

  1. Those boots are pretty much perfect! I totally know what you mean by getting sick of winter boots. It was even worse in Vancouver because of all the winter rain everything had to be waterproof. This year, however, in Poland (please don’t kill me) it has been like 5 degrees + most days so I can kind of wear whatever I want… very strange but I’m not complaining!

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