Tuesday Shoesday: Jerome C Rousseau

Christiain Louboutin just released a new pair of squiggle pumps. But I am going to talk about that later. While I am excited about the emergence of the new style, I just want to take a moment to celebrate another wonderful shoe designer, whose work is always so underrated. Jerome C Rousseau is such a creative addition to the shoe world, I truly believe we can learn a thing or two from his designs. Personally, I’d describe his designs as a cross between function and a creative- yet orderly imagination.

Jerome c Rousseau Flicker Patent Leather

Stiletto shape has long been an feature that can really define a shoe. I really love how above, and in many other designs of course, the stiletto has been altered to add a subtle piece of art into the shoe. I firmly believe that it is the tiny nuances of a shoe that give it the real kick. Add the small flick at the top of the heel and a cap toe, these patent leather shoes by Rousseau (rightly named the Flicker pump) are exactly what I’d grab when wanting to wear a black heel without making the “power house” statement. Simple, well thought out and well done.

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