I Woke Up Like This

talk to my shoes michael kors

I woke up like this. I literally did. Last week, running on no sleep, country hopping, a random detour back to Phoenix and a 4 day trip home. Here is me after 30 hours of being wired, and freshly off the plane. I could have cared less about make up, I could have cared less about my hair. All I cared about was the fact that I accidentally ended up back in Phoenix and got to take my parents out for lunch. And y’know, the free champagne served to me at Michael Kors.

I suppose that I could call this a travel style post or an OOTD so for those of you who may be wondering: Top: DVF. Bottoms: J.Crew. Shoes: Valentino. Purse: Prada. Sunglasses: Tom Ford.

They do say that it is important to unwind from a holiday, seems to me that I made the effort.


3 thoughts on “I Woke Up Like This

  1. What a way to wake up. Smile on your face, champagne in your hand and those amazing Rockstud flats on your feet. All while being a few thousands Kilometers away from where you wanted to be. You look amazing!

  2. Looking at this picture again I realized you still have a glass of champagne in your left hand but that’s not a peace sign your making with your right…it a ” V ” for Valentino. I love it.

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