In 2015: Mules

Tibi Denny Leather Mules

Sooo, by the looks of it, mules are going to be one of the bigger trends of 2015. We’ve seen mules start to pop up more and more over the last couple seasons, remaining a style for the more particular fashionista, but I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled this year for more approachable styles.

Are you in on this style?

Pictured above Tibi Denny leather mules.


One thought on “In 2015: Mules

  1. Okay I’m in with this style. I grew up with my parents wearing clogs – old heavy wooden clogs that they got in.. I’m going to say Sweden where we lived before coming to Canada. So I’ve always been familiar with that general “cut”. I guess in the end, if it’s a beautiful shoe I’m in. Just not a huge fan of big chunky shoes (I grew out of that). I could live without the white pair but the other two you’ve featured are pretty great!

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