Valentino Rockstud Flats

pink rockstud flat valentino

Sharing with you the latest addition to my flats family. The Rockstud design has branched out into numerous styles and is now a staple in Valentino’s sales, so it is no surprise to anyone that they are popping up absolutely everywhere. I picked out these pink Rockstud flats on my trip to Arizona at Christmas and could not be any more happy with them.

The shoe itself is awesomely comfortable, the patent, a little stiff but nothing that can’t be worked through (and it is so nice to know that the shoe will certainly keep its shape). The studs still create the illusion of the shoe being adorned by magic and the nude trim adds an extra feminine kick. Here they are photographed a little darker than they are in person. They are actually quite a light bubblegum pink. I suppose my lamp was playing tricks on the camera. Whatever, you get the point!

I’ve only worn these out a couple times as they are still very new but I have to say that the number of compliments I have received on them is unreal. And you know what? I will never get tired of hearing them. Hahaha! Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend to everybody!


One thought on “Valentino Rockstud Flats

  1. LOVE the Rockstuds. These are the Holly Grail of pointy toes flats. The colour, the shape, the material and the cute studs. They are perfect. The only thing I don’t like is I don’t have a pair for myself.

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