OOTD: Thank You!


It always surprises me hugely when I get such amazing feedback (or any feedback because really, this is a small blog and I am just me) from an outfit photo that I never really planned, or more so just threw together. Actually, I am always humbled when anyone comments on any sort of post or outfit I share, I still can’t get over how amazing the blogosphere really is. I’m not a model and I would never try to be. I’m not a fancy stylist, but I know what works and what I like. So on the day this was taken, I was feeling lazy and just wanted to wear leggings and a cosy sweater. I am on vacation after all. “But I’ll pull out this leather pair  because I haven’t worn them in a while.” I grabbed my comfiest flats (Lanvin) because I have limited options when I travel and I wore my sunglasses inside the  house because…. well it was time to just get goin’ to Home Depot. Yet apparently my daily uniform of leggings and an oversize sweater struck a chord this one time. So thank YOU for the lovely feedback. It truly put a smile on my face all day. And thanks to my mom, for using her photography skills from Tahiti to snap the pic above. And to my dad for  taking the one below. And to Rusty the puppy for being so fluffy and cute. Thanks



5 thoughts on “OOTD: Thank You!

  1. Small blog maybe! But big on fashion, style and just having fun in life. Great outfit for taking Home Depot by storm.
    Glad you are spending time with your M+D+Rusty.

  2. I’m going to agree with the comment that’s right above mine! I feel like I’ve been stopping by for a very long time now and there’s always something new, something interesting and something great to look at! So here’s to many more wonderful blog posts in 2015!

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