Holiday Gift Guide: Day 12

Burberry Guard Keychain

I already said that I hope your tree is now up and decorated (with those silly John Deere ornaments), but if for some crazy reason you haven’t (and at this point you have absolutely  no excuse, not even if you are Mr. Scrooge), Burberry has come up with some little trinkets to aid you in feeling more festive that really couldn’t be more perfect.

My house is covered in little military knick-knacks here and there, all which have quite a unique story. I won’t get into that with you, but at Christmas, a lot of my decorations involve nutcrackers and toy soldiers of all shapes and sizes. So naturally, when I found this little guy as I perused through Burberry’s collection,  I wished I could pick him up. Although, he must be a Grenadier as his tunic buttons are clearly not two by two… Hmm…


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