Holiday Gift Guide: Day 1

It is that time of the year! As the year comes to a close and the Christmas season kicks off I am excited to launch one of very few consistent traditions here at Talktomyshoes- the annual holiday gift guide. Now remember that this really is more so a collection of thing I’ve found around that I think would be a cool gift (or even better to receive!) but regardless, I love putting these together each year. So, without further ado, let’s kick this off without holding back. Yeah, we’re starting with Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin Air Louboutin

To own a pair of Air Louboutin is one of those signs that tell you you have really made it in life. Designed by CL himself when he noticed a passenger taking off their footwear on a long flight and changing into something a bit more cosy, Christian Louboutin now offers you a piece of footwear designed specifically for travel. I love that idea as I am definitely the girl that brings an extra pair of socks on a flight to keep my toes extra cosy and comfy. Made of silk and sporting the famous red sole, Air Louboutin is a slipper with a simple design that is light and easy to travel with. Each pair comes in their own travel bag to keep things clean and organized. So what do you think? Wishlist worthy? I know I wouldn’t mind a pair for one of my five flights coming up in the next couple of weeks!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Day 1

  1. Of course these are wishlist worthy and they open up a whole new wishlist! See now I picture myself wearing them as I settle in to my first class seat for a long haul flight to somewhere glamorous because I’m busy living my jet set lifestyle! (Okay my wishlist just got longer)

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