Thank You: Tory Burch

Tory Burch Travel Costmetics

I’ve been a loyal customer at Tory Burch now for quite a few years. I’ve followed each collection with interest, worn her designs like there is no tomorrow, recommend the boutiques and merchandise as the perfect pieces to shop for to anyone who will listen, and have obviously reviewed the designers products again and again and again. But those reasons are only part of why I’ve stuck by TB through all these years. It is also about the customer service. The sales associates there are never short of amazing. I’ve been treated so well by all the staff there, even at locations where I am not known as a “regular”.

It is not all that often that you develop great relationships with salesclerks, that truly have your best interest (and not their commission) in mind. It isn’t often that you can walk into a store, in a city of over a million (or millions) and be recognized, despite not having visited in nearly a year. Or that they remember where you moved to two summers ago and want to know how work is going. At Tory Burch, my experience is always like that. Warm, welcoming and that it is ok to stop by just for tea and not to necessarily run my visa ragged.

So, on that note, thank you to the great people at Tory Burch for not sucking, and for showing outstanding customer service. Thank you for your patience while I try on the entire store and, thank you for letting me pick out this adorable travel makeup/cosmetics bag. With the amount I am on the go throughout the year I know it is certainly going to be put to great use.


One thought on “Thank You: Tory Burch

  1. Wow your feeling are certainly the same as mine about the Tory Burch brand and more importantly the service. There’s a reason why I have way too many pairs of Tory’s shoe. It’s the service.

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