Christmas at Claridges With Dolce & Gabbana

Each year Clardiges in London hosts a magnificent Christmas tree in their hotel next to their signature grande staircase. For the past couple years, the hotel director has been hiring a designer to take the spotlight and design as well as decorate the tree. Last year, as mentioned in my previous post, Dolce & Gabbana had the honour of taking charge of the tree.  The tree was decorated in a style that was more of an ode to southern Italy. With hand painted baubles and dolls all around, the final tree was nothing short of perfection and as a result of such great feedback, D&G have been invited back to work their magic again this year.

This year, the tree at Clardiges was revealed to the public this past week. Once again, Dolce & Gabbana did not disappoint. The Italian duo brought the woodlands inside adorning the base of the tree with cute furry creatures while the rest is sprinkled with snow and hand painted glass baubles once again. I have to say that the tree is quite iridescent and it even is potentially putting my silver and blue Hello Kitty tinsel tree to shame. Check out the video and pictures below because honestly, they are worth more than any of my words.

Claridges Christmas Tree 2014 1416490242601_Image_galleryImage_LONDON_ENGLAND_NOVEMBER_1 1416490600471_Image_galleryImage_LONDON_ENGLAND_NOVEMBER_1 1416490766837_Image_galleryImage_LONDON_ENGLAND_NOVEMBER_1


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