OOTD: Party Time! Excellent!

Waynes World DIY

OK I’m putting this up as an outfit of the day but really I don’t know how much there is to share. My favourite ripped up boyfriend jeans, a  buffalo check flannel by Wilfred from like 5 years ago and a plain white t. Apparently the highlight of the entire outfit was my glasses which were “Wow! Did you get those at the Halloween store?” but actually are from Calgary Optometry as they are just my reading glasses. So why did I look like Garth Algar from Wayne’s World in this picture at work today? Well! It was dress as your favourite (story) character day. While Wayne’s World was never a “legit book” my reasoning is something of the fact that there was a “book of interviews and crossword puzzles” released at the time of the movie. Check it out, I found it on Amazon. If that isn’t enough, surely there is a bound copy of the movie script laying around somewhere? Whatever or wherever, it is Friday and I’m done my report cards so it is definitely party time- excellent!


One thought on “OOTD: Party Time! Excellent!

  1. You both look great! Okay so maayyybbeee Wayne’s World wasn’t exactly a book but I’m sure at some point it was a screenplay and that definitely counts as a book!

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