Gianvito Rossi Spring/Summer 2015

Who cares it if was -29C with the wind today. Let’s think of Spring/Summer 2015 to warm up! I’ve had a couple mixed feelings about Gianvito Rossi’s collection for the season to come, as I admit to be not 100% crazy about all the pieces. But, regardless of my opinion and those few pairs, it still remains to be a great collection. I’m a sucker for that blue and I enjoy the pseudo caged look and crazy lines. What piece is your favourite?

Gianvito Rossi SS 2015 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_2 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_3 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_4 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_5 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_6 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_7 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_8 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_9 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_12 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_13 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_14 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_15 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_16 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_17 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_18 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_19 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_20 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_21 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_22 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_23 Gianvito-Rossi-SS-15_24


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