Black and White

black and white shoes

I think everyone wears black and white at some point. It is just this go-to combination that is easy, makes a statement while not looking crazy overdone. I think the keyword is easy, it is a no brainer, no fail, no fuss option that I love to live in. It is as easy as jeans and tee. Sometimes it IS jeans and a tee. So this being said, why is it that black and white shoes make SUCH a huge statement? We’ve seen the combo before, it isn’t exactly revolutionary but do they ever pack a punch. Perhaps it is due to having stark contrast in such little space, making them louder than most shoes with colour. Or perhaps it’s… I don’t know. Whatever it is about these shoes, the trend is here to stay. What do you think of black and white footwear?


4 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. Eeks! I love them all!! I get the most comments when I wear my black & white stripe Kate spade heels, but they have a hot pink bow. Such a fun shoe.

    So yeah, I love black & white, clothing, shoes, bags, it’s a good combination.

    ❤ Jules

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