Great Design is in the Details

Lanvin Block Heel Boot

With the ground dusted with snow at last I only find it appropriate to share a pair of boots tonight. But now, how crazy that previously I had posted those beautiful Lanvin sandals, and now, feel so chilled that I can’t even imagine baring my toes until the Spring. In my attempt to make this less of a shock to you readers (though my randomness is constant so you shouldn’t be surprised by much at this point) I’ve chosen these block heel boots by Lanvin.

The company has been creating excellent collections based around the block heel design and these boots are just the most recent proof that the design itself is beautiful. Personally, I’ve been looking a lot of suede knee boots lately, in fact, I’m almost hesitant to tell you how much time I spent this morning scoping out different designs. I’ll give you a hint, it was certainly the better half of my entire morning.

I always admire subtleties  in shoe design, and in this, it was the snake chain that particularly drew me to this pair. I believe the key to a truly chic design isn’t about being bold and glitzy necessarily, but about the tiniest detail- beautiful hardware, smooth lines and soft material.

Happy Saturday night everyone and enjoy what is left of your weekend!


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