Southwest Inspired by Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas kirkwood mexican embroidered pumps

The southwest inspired print has been a very prevalent trend this season and what better example of the print putting its best foot forward than these pumps by Nicholas Kirkwood? The shoes host an array of colours yet work together in a way to compliment an entire colour wheel. Seriously, upon looking at these shoes first glance you may not think they could be worn with much more than a nice neutral, but I honestly see these being paired with nearly everything. I also really enjoy the contrast in texture of these pumps- the smooth leather piping and embroidery compliment each other so well.

I know that trends come and go all the time but to me this pair really can stand to last more than a couple seasons. Sorry to be gushing about these, I just think there is something about them. Perhaps I have a soft spot for them as they remind me of holidaying in Arizona. How long until Christmas? I want to get back to the desert!

Thanks for coming by Talk to My Shoes! I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to stop by!


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