Finding What You’re Looking For

Louis Vuitton Red Black Shoe

With the amount of times I’ve walked into a Louis Vuitton, you’d think that I’d be at least a bit less phased by the amount of beauty in there. But the truth is, each time I go in, I am a little kid that is easily excited about everything and have been known to have a shopping list to help keep my “cool”. It is so easy to get distracted in a truly great shop (not just LV of course) and I must say that that is certainly one of the joys of spontaneous shopping. I love walking into a store, not entirely 100% on what I am looking for but will know what I’m hunting for as soon as I see it.

Louis Vuitton Red Black Shoe

I found these amazing pumps at Louis Vuitton and instantly fell for them. Yet another example of a killer shoe, a statement shoe, the unexpected and finding what you’re looking for without even knowing you were looking all along.

Louis Vuitton Red Black Shoe

One thought on “Finding What You’re Looking For

  1. Love the red! The day that walking into a Louis Vuitton store is no longer exciting is the day I’ll move to a deserted island somewhere….

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