Charlotte Olympia’s Closet

For someone who has an ever changing wardrobe, I always love taking a peek inside other’s closets. I admit that my closets and drawers are completely spilling everywhere with its innards and I have to rotate my clothing and accessories by season. As the weather cools down, I swap my sun dresses for sweaters and sandals for an array of boots. What is not working for the season goes into *sniff* storage. In all honesty, it is quite the first world problem and I dare not complain.

This being said, I adore looking at other closets to peek at the contents and (sometimes more excitingly) the storage “techniques”. Last week the lovely Charlotte Olympia gave us a pass into her downright amazing closet. Here are my favourite pieces that she shared with us.

charlotte olympia closet charlotte3 charlotte8 charlotte9 charlotte10 charlotte11 charlotteolympia3 charlotteolympia5

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