Embroidered Flats at Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana Embroiredered PumpsAs much as I love my heels, a great pair of flats can be equally as enjoyable to wear. Sometimes it is nice to just be able to slip on a pair of smoking slippers or loafers and run around in something that is easier on our feet. I try and pick my flats out with versatility in mind. I like pairs that are simple yet hold a degree of chicness (or else I’d just feel like I’m slacking if I’m in rather boring flats) and most importantly as I would any shoe, I am specific about craftsmanship.


On that note, how stunning are these embroidered flats from Dolce & Gabbana? Everything from the composition of the shoe to the amount of detail is perfection in my books. I love how these three pairs are oh-so-Italian! What great proof that you don’t need to click around in heels all day to truly have a show stopping pair of shoes. Ranging from $880 -$1300, pick up your pair now.



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