D’orsay Style Flats

Shaking things up here in a couple ways, I thought I’d share with you these D’orsay style flats from…. *gasp* Aldo. I don’t even know when the last time I walked into an Aldo store was but I know a lot of people love shopping there for their great prices and high fashion inspired looks. So, I thought that I’d comb through their selection and I ended up finding these. I actually quite like them.

d'orsay ALDO

The D’orsay design is one that I quite admire- I’ve always enjoyed how chic the cut of the shoe is and how it breathes like mad. I like that it is a shoe you wear when you want something that is barely there, yet you are still able to get away with saying that you are indeed wearing a shoe, not a sandal. The colour and bit of hardware on this pair is a nice touch. What are we thinking? The Nydellan shoe is available now.


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