Keep Watch: Tory Burch New Collection

Tory Burch Watches

After the release of a new perfume line last year, a home decor line and creation of some of the most popular flats in high street fashion, you kind of wonder if there is any ground that Tory Burch won’t cover. As a big fan of her jewelry and a bigger fan of all things Tory, the release of her new watch collection totally excited me to no end. I can’t wait to see what these are like in person and can’t wait to get my hands on one, all in due time.

Made by Fossil, these watches of course come in a range of prices. My favourite? The cuff that doubles as a watch. What do you think? A Tory Burch watch onto the Christmas list?


3 thoughts on “Keep Watch: Tory Burch New Collection

  1. Tory is covering all the fashion markets. I had the chance to see her new line of watches in person and I was amazed. I haven’t worn a watch for close to 25 years but…it might be time to invest in a statement watch. They looked awesome in person. Which one is your fav?

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