Cut Out Booties? Yes or No?

I have to admit, I’m not exactly crazy about the whole cut out bootie/boots trend happening lately. I’ve seen all sorts of styles from Balanciaga to Zara and yet, none of them are really doing it for me. Maybe it is because I’m not finding them aesthetically pleasing, or maybe it is because I come from the land where if you are wearing any type of boots, having your toes or the side of your feet is not an option as a result of the weather. Or maybe, I am just missing the point, not getting it.

Free People woven booties

So when I stumbled across this pair at Free People the other day, I started to change my mind. Make this pair an exception. Now they aren’t really the same as what I’ve been seeing around on other bloggers and players in the fashion world, because they aren’t really cut out at all. They are woven with a hint of space near the top of the foot. It’s one of those the same but different ideas. Anyway, I don’t mind them and they would be perfect for Fall.

What is your take on the cut out boot/bootie trend? Anyone else out there like me who is just not sure, or missing the mark?

2 thoughts on “Cut Out Booties? Yes or No?

  1. Cut out booties and I have a love-hate relationship. I mostly love them, but they don’t love me back when Northeastern weather sets in. I opted for a pair with perforations rather than a strait cut out.

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