Is it Autumn Yet?

Altuzarra for Target

It is all sunny and warm and beautiful outside. Here I am sitting wishing it would cool down at least a bit so I could get on with Autumn dressing. If this weather keeps up I’m not going to have time for any Autumn dressing and have to skip right to Winter. Of course, I am the only one complaining about this. If you had this Altuzarra for Target sweater, you’d want to wear it right away too! Sorry about the shameless selfie, it is what happens when you are your own photographer.


7 thoughts on “Is it Autumn Yet?

  1. Cute sweater!!!

    It’s in the low-high 90’s where I live in SoCal right now, so crazy!! (I live in the desert), but at night it drops into the 60’s. I start the day with a cardigan, but have to be prepared to whip it off by about 10am. It’s CRAZY!!! I wish we had straight 75-80 degree weather year round, that’s my “ideal”, with some rain. I’m over this endless summer nonsense!

    ❤ Jules

    • I don’t know if I have what it takes to live in a climate like that. I love the desert, I visit Arizona a couple times a year so I know the climate well, but I don’t think I could handle not having four real seasons. I need snow and cold just as much as I need warm and sunny.

  2. Great sweater, prefect for Autumn. Although it is “officially” Autumn the temperature has been anything but Fall temperatures. I think in a couple days after the cool down you will be wearing this amazing new sweater lots.

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